What makes you different from other photographers?
I know you appreciate great photography and of course that’s exactly what you’ll receive from me- stylish, creative, emotive and ‘in the moment’. But here’s a few other things to consider as well:

PRESENTATION: of your photography is everything – for you, your loved ones and for your future generations. On top of receiving all the digital photos you’ll also have the opportunity of having the same day slideshow (the beautiful highlights of your wedding displayed to you and your guests during your evening reception), a secure on-line gallery to share with friends and family that will remain live indefinitely, of course the stunning album and also full wall art design service should you wish to make a real feature of your favourite images(s).

EFFICIENCY: I aim to have fully edited (in my signature style and to album print standard) and made available to you your full collection of wedding photographs within 1 week of your wedding.

ALBUM INITIALLY DESIGNED BY US BUT APPROVED BY YOU: One of the reasons why many couples choose us is for our stunning album designs. We work in a unique way and base the initial design on our selection of 100 or so photos that we feel showcase your wedding and perfectly tell the story of your day. However, it’s your album so after we’ve produced the first draft you’ll be invited to review it and make as many amendments as you wish. You’ll have as much time as you need. That said most couples absolutely love what they see and may only end up making a few changes. It will be up to you. Adopting this process results in 90% of our couples receiving an album that they adore within 2 months of their wedding.

ME!: Sounds brash, sorry, but how you get on with your photographer and how they interact with you and your guests is EVERYTHING! I simply really enjoy working with people of all ages (young and not so young!) and getting the very best out of them (without them actually realising..). I believe that this is absolutely key for producing REAL photography that ‘speaks’ to you. You only have to take a look at my testimonials to get a feel for this.

What happens if it rains?

Preparation, flexibility, creativity and technical expertise are the answers! Obviously your day is going to be perfect whatever the weather. However, we are in England so there’s a small chance that we’ll have the odd shower here and there. Whatever the case, from a photography point of view there’s a lot we can do to ensure that you’ll still end up with photos that are beyond your wildest dreams. No doubt you’ll still want to get some photos of the two of you in the grounds with your venue as the backdrop. Therefore I’ll advise you what to bring along if the forecast looks unfavourable. Using the right lighting we can then still get all those lovely documentary style and group / family photos inside. We can also venture outside later in the evening, perhaps once the weather has cleared up, to soak up a gorgeous sunset or capture some lovely night time shots (similar to those you see in my portfolio), again using the correct lighting equipment and technics.

What if you haven't photographed at our venue before?
The three main ingredients for the sort of imagery I have been awarded for and that you see throughout my website are – a great rapport with my clients, my use of light and capturing the moment. I also have a very good eye and am very quick to spot unique photo opportunities. Indeed many of my most striking images are from venues that I was photographing at for the first time. Therefore I am far less dependant on knowing a venue inside and out. Your wedding day and everything that goes with it are totally unique and that’s exactly how I like it to come across in the photography I will produce for you. That said I have photographed at a high percentage of venues so there is a fair chance I will indeed already know your venue very well. If not then we can always conduct your pre-wedding shoot / engagement shoot, if you choose to have one in your package, at your venue and discuss specific locations that we might use on the day itself.
What happens if you are ill?
We’re all human, apart from me perhaps because I never have been! But there’s a first time for everything and this is all covered off in the contract. Basically this is there to protect your interests as well as my own. Therefore as you will see I, or we, will need to source someone with the same level of expertise and style as myself. This will be straight forward as I’m a member of several networking groups and organisations so immediate cover is readily available.
How far do you travel?
As you’ll see in my portfolios and blogs I’m prepared to travel almost anywhere, UK and overseas. Travel for locations less than 50 mile radius of my postcode, RG24, is inclusive and I’ll be happy to quote for venues further afield. As you can appreciate, really I’ll just be looking for a contribution towards my travel costs
Should we have a pre-wedding / engagement photoshoot?
Of course it’s really up to you but my advice is absolutely yes! It enables us to get know each other even more and you’ll soon realise that being in front of my camera is really just a lot of fun and about being YOU. For most couples this is a great way to gain in confidence ahead of their big day to the extent that on the day itself they can just focus on…well, getting married and really enjoying their family and friends whilst we discretely go about our business.
How do I make a booking?
Very easily, although you’ll first of all need to check that I am available (so don’t leave it too late!). So please do send me a quick enquiry using the contact form or feel free to give me a call on 07779 143928. Alternatively send an e-mail to me at [email protected]. Hopefully I’ll be free in which case after you’ve chosen your ideal wedding photography collection I’ll send you an invoice for the retainer (deposit) and the booking form and contract to complete, sign and send back to me.  And then that will be it! I’ll do a merry dance and we’ll be on our way to producing some stunning, captivating and ‘in the moment’ wedding photography for you.
What equipment do you use?

I use high end Sony camera bodies and lenses plus a range of lighting equipment and techniques. I always have 2 cameras physically on me at any one time plus one in the kit bag. My 2nd photographer will also have one, possibly 2.

When will you back-up all our wedding photos?

They are being backed-up all the time as each camera has 2 cards in them. I also then take another back-up of everything on to my laptop during your wedding breakfast. I then use this back-up to create your same day wedding slideshow that I shall look forward to displaying to you and your guests during your evening reception.

Are you insured?
Absolutely – I have both public liability and professional indemnity cover.
What's the funniest story from one of your weddings
I couldn’t possibly tell you but book me and I might spill the beans!
What is the question most likely to be the least relevant to us?
Images for Commercial use: Unless agreed otherwise, images for commercial use are £495 + VAT for single use or £695 + VAT for multiple use. The prices stated are per image.

Are you ready to check my availability?

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