Vintage Styled Bride and Bridemaid’s // Why I LOVE This Wedding Photograph

In today’s ‘Why I LOVE This Wedding Photograph’ I talk about the image below that I captured at Jaime and Jezz’s summer Elvetham Hotel Wedding.

Jaime and Jezz had a wonderful summer wedding at The Elvetham. From a wedding photographer’s point of view there was so much I loved about it – the venue (of course!), the military uniforms adorned by Jezz and his groomsmen, the vintage styling for Jaime and her bridesmaids and all the good vibes, fun and laughter that ran throughout the day. For me this image embodies that – just look at our bride Jaime laughing away and revelling in her moment, her sister Melissa (right of frame) also smiling away but with a fair degree of concentration as she was dutifully holding Jaime’s dress up, best friend Hollie looking in from the left of frame, almost admiringly with that elegant little smile, and Jaime’s other bridesmaids laughing from the back.

I captured this image as we made our way down to ‘Yew Tree Avenue’ to photograph all the bridal party. And that’s one of the reasons why I embrace all the family and group photos. Admittedly It’s not necessarily the actual ‘formal’ group photos themselves that float my boat; rather it’s all the moments like this one that happen before, in-between and just after – when everyone is together but just going with the fun and laughter. Those are the moments that I always love to anticipate and capture.

I hope this photograph brings as big a smile to your face as it does to mine.

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