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Rainy Day Wedding Photography

Of all the things to worry about in the lead up to saying your ‘I do’s’, rain on your wedding day is the one thing you can do least about! OK so that is one of the more obvious, and least helpful, things to say! However, Zoë & James had an absolutely awesome day at Rivervale Barn despite the fact that it chucked it down – right from the early hours until around about 9pm at night!

So what made it so successful and totally gorgeous, even though it was so horrible outside? Well, here’s 6 reasons that you might like to bear in mind when planning and preparing for your wedding:

  1. Choice of venue: Zoë & James chose Rivervale Barn. Of course it is surrounded by the most beautifully nurtured and landscaped gardens, but the spacious and light interiors make it ideal for when the heavens open. There are some lovely sheltered areas in the courtyard too, so you can still get some ‘outdoorsy’ photos even though it may actually be tipping down!
  2. Brollies and Wellies! Yes, be prepared. Zoë had it all covered and brought along the cutest white brolly which we used for various shots during the afternoon and evening. Wellies are always great to have as well so that you can negotiate the softer ground and puddles! Heel protectors are a great idea too.
  3. Choose a photographer who can be flexibleBest laid plans and all that. Yes, it’s great to have a plan for when you’re going to have your group and family photos and even for when you’re going to escape for some lovely, romantic newlywed photos. But if rain (or any thing else for that matter!) comes along you’ll need a photographer that can think very quickly on their feet in terms of location and also the timing…..without disrupting the flow of your day! This usually comes with experience and in some cases knowledge of your venue. It also comes with just having the right, chilled out approach!
  4. Choose a photographer who can be creativePersonally I welcome most things that throw up the opportunity of creating a set of photos that are a bit different and that add a bit of drama. Rain is no exception! Reflections, special effects with the water droplets etc etc.
  5. Choose a photographer who can use different lighting techniques: Many photographers will happily say that they are ‘natural light’ photographers. This is absolutely fine, of course. After all that’s how I like to operate most of the time – especially in order to get those lovely, observational (documentary) type photos (without people noticing – flash just gives it all away!). However, if it’s been chucking it down all day and then (fingers crossed!) it stops raining in the evening / after dark….then what? Sunset and night time photos can be so romantic and make for a lovely closing spread in your album. But all that lovely natural light has err, gone! So you need a photographer who has lighting equipment…and has the right technical know how for using it. Yes, it had been raining all day at Zoë & James’s wedding but look what we got towards the end of the day…
  6. Embrace it! The last reason why Zoë & James were still able to have an awesome wedding day, and to not let the weather Gods get the better of them, was purely down to them. They just remembered what it was all about and totally embraced everything…the rain (of course, as that’s what we’re talking about!), their guests, their gorgeous venue, their choices for everything. Each other and THEIR MOMENT.

So there’s just a few thoughts. You can probably add 4 or 5 other factors but those are the main things to consider when that dreaded ‘what happens if it rains’ question comes up!

Enjoy the photos. What a fabulous couple. What a very fitting day.

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Let me introduce you to some of the other suppliers to this wedding:

Venue:  Rivervale Barn

Hair & Make-up: Claire Alexaner, Totally Flawless

Dress: Anya Bridal Courture

Flowers: Flower Monkey

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