I‘m delighted to work very closely with a couple of leading professional labs in being able to offer all my clients, whether Weddings, Family Lifestyle or Newborn, a full range of the highest quality bespoke products that will enable you and your future generations to enjoy your favourite images at their very best for many years to come.
The Case against 'Good Enough'
We all love scrolling through lots of digital images, whether they be on social media or in folders on our phones or iPads. But most of the time that’s all we’re doing, flicking through. Why? because that’s what our thumbs have become trained to do…and it’s convenient. But are we REALLY studying the images or are we just scanning and very quickly ‘consuming’ them before our attention wanes? And what happens when technology moves on or files get corrupted or lost?

Is what’s good enough for now really the best way of storing, displaying, enjoying and preserving those most important images & memories, certainly for the longer term but also in the short term too?

I truly believe that an image doesn’t become a photograph until it’s printed. A photograph isn’t reliant on technology; rather it’s something that you can touch, feel, display and fully immerse yourself in. As a professional photographer I see this as an essential service – to help you realise the full potential of your favourite images by going beyond just digital and designing them into tangible items that can be displayed and enjoyed at their very best.

All my developing & editing software is 100% calibrated with those labs to ensure that the colours, tones and exposures in each and every image are perfectly reproduced in printed form. And by providing products that are crafted from the highest quality materials I ensure that your photographs are preserved at their very best so that your future generations can enjoy that same immersive experience in a 100 years from now.


What is Wall Art?

Simply put, wall art is a way of making a real feature of your favourite image(s) by having them designed into a beautiful frame, canvas or acrylic in order to create impact in a way that will forever catch your eye, evoking memories and inducing a smile every time.

What's Available?

Wall art can come in all shapes and sizes across three different formats – mounted and framed, canvases and acrylics. It’s all bespoke and can be designed to your exact requirements. The mounted and framed option allows you to combine a few of your favourite images from the session in order to create a story board or to show the subject’s full range of expressions.

Prices start at £400 and qualify for discounts in multi-purchase collections. Hi resolution digital copies of images featured in wall art are supplied to you on a complimentary basis.

The Creative Process

A fully collaborative approach, all achieved in the comfort of your own home



Many of my clients often say to me ‘but I want them (photos) all’. Well, with albums you can! Albums present a great way to bring everything together in order to tell the story of the shoot and really make the most of all those memories of your family at this point in time.

The album design is included, and we will creatively arrange each spread in such away that will balance story-telling with impact. You will then be sent the proofs for your review and approval such that you will still get your chance to rubber stamp the designs before the album is created at the lab.

Measuring 14x10″, the albums are provided by a professional lab and are unlike anything you can obtain on-line or on the hight street. They have beautiful acrylic covers for premium presentation and longevity and are supplied in a protective gift box. The images are photographically printed directly onto thick board pages with fade resistant inks in a lustre finish.

Like wall art, albums are perfect for preserving your photographs at their very best for you and your future generations to enjoy for many years to come.

Prices start at £595 and qualify for discounts in multi-purchase collections.


I‘m delighted to be able to offer a range of digital products including hi resolution files ready to print as large and as many times as you wish, slideshows and custom apps for phones and tablets. On top of this you will also receive an on-line viewing gallery featuring all the images from your shoot and that can be shared with friends and family alike.


There are a whole variety of other products available in many shapes and sizes, including mounted prints, small framed photographs and double sided freestanding acrylic blocks.

Prices start at just £40 and all products qualify for the multi-purchase discounts.