So, why have a pre-wedding shoot? Well the first thing to say of course is that you don’t have to! This will be a particularly re-assuring response to those of you who have serious reservations about spending time in front of a camera on your wedding day, let alone for a pre-wedding shoot as well!

But there’s a few strong reasons why you might want to consider a pre-wedding shoot. Many photographers will simply advocate that it helps to ‘get you comfortable in front of the camera’. But for me it goes much deeper than that. The first place to start is actually with the end results – your actual wedding photos, your album – all those memories that are going to stay with you through your lifetime and on through the generations. The sort of wedding photos that I like to capture are those that really show off your personalities and the relationship between you. After all, your wedding day is all about the two of you and the love you have for one another. It’s an occasion to be very much documented in this way.

But to get all those beautifully spontaneous and natural sorts of images isn’t necessarily about you being ‘comfortable in front of the camera’. Most people in this selfie obsessed day and age already are! Why? because there’s no-one behind it. So there lies the key to it all. Your photographer! He or she is someone you need to feel able to be yourselves in front of.

So that’s why I love conducting pre-wedding shoots. It gives us a chance to get to know each other a little such that come your wedding day we’ve already broken down the barriers, we’re all able to enjoy a little bit of banter and you don’t think anything of just being yourselves to the extent that you almost forget that I am there. That’s when the magic can happen, transcending my camera right through to your final wedding photographs. One of my previous brides went on further to say that because all of their guests saw how at ease the two of them were with me, it actually made them also feel very comfortable.

All my wedding photography comes with a complimentary pre-wedding shoot. You don’t have to take me up on it of course, but after reading this hopefully you will want to. Here’s the details of the package that I offer.

Finally, here’s the images from my most recent pre-wedding shoot, that of Sarah & Adam, captured one lovely misty morning at their wedding venue, the delightful Elvetham Hotel.

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