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“We’re expecting our second daughter in a couple of weeks, so we’re looking for some natural family shots rather than ‘newborn’ photos with the baby swaddled with bear ears on”

 That was Mum Laura’s enquiry to me – and I was very happy to oblige with one of my ‘Newborn Lifestyle’ photoshoots!

A couple of years ago I made the decision to switch from what you might call ‘posed’ newborn shoots to those that are more lifestyle in nature. “What’s the difference”, you might ask? Well, for me ‘posed’ are the (admittedly) very cute photos of sleepy babies beautifully arranged in bowls & baskets, lying in hammocks and / or positioned in such a way that miraculously they appear to be supporting their own heads with their own hands, neatly resting under their own chins. Whereas ‘Lifestyle’ is more about capturing the moments and interactions between the new family in their own, far more natural environment.

With the former I found that, whilst I enjoyed the challenge of producing some stunning images, I spent all my time ensuring everything was perfect, from the lighting to the pose, before I clicked the shutter. Then I realised that I was missing so many beautiful moments between the parents and the baby and even the sibling. I started to feel uncomfortable with the fact that the output of these shoots was inconsistent with my outdoor family lifestyle shoots and also my wedding photography. I wasn’t feeling it. Indeed, I always get a far great kick out of capturing moments in a far more candid, natural, story-telling way. Why? because those type of images hold far great memories and will stand the test of time far more than a, dare I say, ‘contrived’ pose.

A couple of years on and I’m finding that I’m getting a lot more satisfaction out of producing shoots like this that I recently conducted for the Newson family in their beautiful light and airy home. My clients seem to love them too! Win win!

Here’s a selection of the images. Thank you,AJ_signature for blog

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