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Lizzie & Ky's Trash the Dress Shoot

Trash the dress?? No not really. That’s just an unfortunate term that has come across the pond and been applied to these post wedding shoots. But ‘Trash the Dress’ sounds a lot more intriguing and besides is what most people are familiar with, however off-putting it sounds! One look at the images below will see that for me it’s more about having some fun and showing that dress off one more time long after all the cake has been eaten and the confetti recovered from various parts of your bodies.

When Lizzie and Ky commissioned me to conduct such a shoot for them I was a tad nervous as I wasn’t sure how on earth we could ‘beat’ their wedding photos from last year. When I say ‘beat’ I don’t mean make them better; I just mean make them a little different but still have their personalities shining through. After all, have you seen their photos, again as captured by yours truly – click away here.

Anyhow for the location we chose Ky’s place of work where he is the Head Gardener (however that’s all I can tell you – the rest has to be kept confidential!). Therefore they both had a pretty good idea of where they wanted the photos – the ‘Cathedral’, the ‘Stumpery’ and ‘the Chapel’ being the principal choices. What we weren’t banking on though was taking a stroll through the field of horses at the end…but with Lizzie’s love of all things Equine how could we resist??

Enjoy the photos and thanks for stopping by.AJ_signature for blog

Trash the dress lizzie+ky_RTF-011 lizzie+ky_RTF-132 lizzie+ky_RTF-021-2 lizzie+ky_RTF-024 lizzie+ky_RTF-028 lizzie+ky_RTF-029 lizzie+ky_RTF-035 lizzie+ky_RTF-041-2 lizzie+ky_RTF-042 lizzie+ky_RTF-045 lizzie+ky_RTF-055-2 lizzie+ky_RTF-049-2 lizzie+ky_RTF-051 Trash the dress lizzie+ky_RTF-059 Trash the dress lizzie+ky_RTF-066-2 lizzie+ky_RTF-074 lizzie+ky_RTF-079 lizzie+ky_RTF-090-2 lizzie+ky_RTF-092 lizzie+ky_RTF-080 lizzie+ky_RTF-083 lizzie+ky_RTF-096 lizzie+ky_RTF-099 Trash the dress lizzie+ky_RTF-109-2 lizzie+ky_RTF-111 lizzie+ky_RTF-113-2 lizzie+ky_RTF-117-2 lizzie+ky_RTF-118-2 lizzie+ky_RTF-122 lizzie+ky_RTF-124 lizzie+ky_RTF-128-2 lizzie+ky_RTF-130-2 lizzie+ky_RTF-131

Let me introduce you to some of the other suppliers to this shoot:

Hair & Make-up: CJ Beauty 

Dress: The White Room of Minchampton


Are you busy wedding planning?

If you’d like your wedding documented in this way and would like to check my availability, I’d love to hear from you.

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