Now, not that this has ever happened to me before but when, as a photographer, you turn up to an initial consultation (i.e. before any deal has been signed) and the bride to be serves you carrot cake and then sends you off with a half a dozen freshly laid eggs, you know you’re on to something special! You then just pray to God, whilst you’re munching on your delicious carrot cake, that they are going to hire you.

Wind the clock forward almost 2 years, after the wedding has sadly come and gone, I then receive THE most gobsmacking testimonial containing the words “you didn’t capture a single image of ‘the bride and groom’, you captured us…our personalities, our love for one another, our sheer joy, our emotions and feelings”. You can read the full testimonial below.

Well Lizzie & Ky, why on earth wouldn’t I want to capture YOU…? You are an amazing couple and I think it’s fair to say a photographer’s dream to photograph! You’re a heady mash-up of FUN (you only have to look at the pillow fight to see that), crazy (check out The Conga recessional), CARING (they run a Hen hospital and had a couple of their ‘girls’ as ring-bearers, making their appearance to the tunes of ‘Hear Comes the Girls’!), IMAGINATIVE (I just loved all the chicken inspired styling, right down to the chicken wire table plan made by Ky), ROMANTIC and a little bit MAD (I haven’t seen too many other couples pull a ‘Blue Steel Pose’ during their ceremony or had too many brides cross her fingers as she says her vows…).

The other thing to mention is that they are bloody clever. I must say that out of all the weddings I’ve ever photographed I’ve never seen anything so different and innovative as ‘Wedition’. This is a brand new concept that Lizzie chose to launch at her wedding. Wedition is a beautiful, bespoke and personal wedding magazine that wedding couples can give to their guests as wedding favours. There is nothing worse than a bride and groom spending months, if not years, planning their weddings including the themes, colours, details and members of the Bridal party only for the guests on the day to not really register or understand what it’s all about. Wedition therefore allows the couple to give some insight into all of this and also to provide some background about themselves and how they met etc. The truly genius bit, the icing on the carrot cake if you will, is that it can be self-funded by obtaining sponsorship from their suppliers in return for them being able to advertise in the publication. As I said it’s brilliant and will surely be the next big thing in the wedding industry – here’s some more information:

Anyhow, on with the photos..oh but first those very kind words:

“We want to thank you for coming to our wedding. We felt truly honoured to have you there, we both felt that you were not there as just a photographer; the standard run-of-the-mill wedding photographer; you were there as a friend. A friend with the most wonderful and artistic gift. You didn’t capture a single image of ‘the bride and groom’, you captured us…our personalities, our love for one another, our sheer joy, our emotions and feelings. You captured the magic on the most wonderful day of our lives. Your images encompass our guests reactions and emotions and the splendour of our venue, our wedding was very personal and your images reflect that, you put your heart and sole into your artwork. You also have this incredible ability to be our friend one moment, joking and laughing and chatting with us, and in the next you melt away and the only people we were aware of was each other, you captured it: ’the moment’, time and time again. Words escape us in how utterly brilliant you are, but who needs words when these are the images to tell the story of our day? From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being a part of our magical day and thank you for capturing it all in the most beautiful and personal way”. Ky and Lizzie Gatherer

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