Family Photoshoots in the Poppy Fields // Round-up

Outdoor Family Photoshoots in the Poppy Fields

I‘m always on the lookout for new locations to conduct my family shoots – places where families can go, feel safe, enjoy the surroundings and generally have a great experience whilst I go about capturing some lovely memories against beautiful backdrops.

In mid June I was very aware that there were some gorgeous poppy fields coming to life in the local area but I was hesitant in using them for 2 reasons – a) I was aware that some of them were being overrun by people, and b) I wanted to ensure they had public access, ideally with public footpaths running through them. Thankfully I chanced up the ideal location, in Grazeley near Reading. Even better that these poppies were a little different, being pink / lilac in colour. They also seemed taller than the much more common red poppies.

Thankfully the emergence of these poppy fields coincided with some beautiful sunny weather. Therefore it was a real treat to receive a number of bookings and photograph many families there. Here’s some of the highlights!

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