Cowdray House Wedding: A Springtime Country Estate Wedding in Sussex

Here’s a rather gorgeous wedding for you! But with Simone and Richard as our Bride and Groom and the magnificent Cowdray House nestling in the heart of the beautiful South Downs National Park as the backdrop that was always going to be the case!
Having started the day off at Cowdray House we did leave it for the most important part of the day. The ceremony took place in the Sacred Heart Church in Petworth. I have to say that it was there that I captured one of my all-time favourite documentary wedding photos. It was a beautiful moment as Simone was preparing herself to walk down the aisle. She was being escorted by her Father who was finding it all rather emotional. I don’t blame him though I think I’d be an emotional wreck.
Anyhow, as ever I’ll let the images give you an idea as to the story of the day. Enjoy!

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Some lovely words from the newlyweds:

We came across Alistair when viewing a wedding venue. The sample album they had was so stunning I made a note of his details and thought he HAS to be our wedding photographer. And so he was! Alistair was one of our favourite suppliers to work with; he kept in regular contact, explained everything clearly, was incredibly professional and nothing was ambiguous on our wedding day. He mingles with guests and captures the most beautiful moments without you even noticing. His passion for photography really comes through in his photos – he just has such an eye for a beautiful picture in places you wouldn’t even think of (make sure you do bring flats like he says to ladies).

Alistair, your work is truly beautiful and we are incredibly happy with our photos. All of our guests have commented on how lovely you are and how stunning our photos are. You and Josh did such an amazing job on our wedding day, we cannot thank you both enough. One final thanks to Nicola for our incredible album – it tells a beautiful story of our wonderful day and is just the nicest wedding album

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Let me introduce you to some of the other suppliers to this wedding:

Venue: Cowdray House

Hair & Mark-up: Michelle Morris, Gemma Sutton

Flowers: Judith Searles

Cake: Pudding Fairy

Dress: Sass and Grace

Car: DS Wedding Cars

DJ / Band: The Collective

Are you busy wedding planning?

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