Bing + Ke

It was one sunny May morning when I received a call with a very strange looking international dialling code displayed on the phone. ‘Hi, this is Bing and Ke and we’re calling from Beijing and we are enquiring about a Chinese pre-wedding shoot’. ‘Ah, that would explain it’, I thought to myself…quickly followed by ‘ooh, this sounds exciting’!

They went onto explain that they were soon to be married but would first be visiting the UK in the autumn and would love to have a pre-wedding shoot whilst staying at Tylney Hall. Of course I was already sold on it before they then went on to say that they were hoping to make it a Jane Austen themed shoot (one of the reasons why they were staying at Tylney).

So as usual with a full on summer wedding season the days disappeared in a blink of an eye and the months went by in a very happy blur. Autumn soon arrived and so to did Bing and Ke – at Heathrow Terminal 2 to be precise!

Their pre-wedding shoot at Tylney was actually 2-fold. We started off with a ‘normal’ pre-wedding shoot with them dressed in their ‘normal’ clothes (ha!). Then it was time for a change of outfit, make-up and hair. The lovely Colette from CJ Beauty helped with that whilst I enjoyed a coffee in the lounge.

Colette then appeared about an hour later to say they were ready and waiting. And what greeted me next I’ll never forget. Two completely unrecognisable people dressed up to the hilt in all their Jane Austen inspired period costume finery!

Thanks for dropping by. Here’s a few highlights from the Jane Austen part of the shoot.

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Let me introduce you to some of the other suppliers to this wedding:

Venue:  Tylney Hall

Hair & Make-up: Colette, CJ Beauty

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