Never wanting to leave my Landscape photography roots too far behind whilst all things weddings & portraits happily continue to sweep me along, once in a ‘diary permitting’ while I like to pack up our Bongo camper van and head off to an inspiring location or 2 for some self indulgent photography.

With a fairly promising forecast earlier this week, the decision to pack all my kit up and sling the sleeping bag in the van was a fairly easy one, made even more so by Nicola giving me her usual huge dose of encouragement. But where to go was a little more tricky. With all the amazing photos of the Aurora displays over northern parts popping up left right and centre the temptation was to head off to the Lake District. However, lightning doesn’t strike twice and sure enough the forecasts were for much lower levels of activity on Monday night.

So I headed off in the opposite direction, to the south coast. Swanage to be precise. Now this is going to sound all a bit naff but if ever there was one, the Isle of Purbeck has to be my spiritual home. Apparently Swanage was my first holiday, at the tender age of 6 months I think. And for the the last 8 years or so I have loved taking my own little family down to those parts, 99% of the time camping and 150% of the time having the time of our lives. BUT I learnt a long time ago that combining those sorts of trips with serious landscape photography is nigh-on impossible.

A catalogue of 8 years worth of images in my mind, 24hrs to get them…well, a few anyway. As always the weather and light were going to have the biggest part to play. Thankfully my timing was perfect – the sweetest sunset followed a few freezing cold hours later by the most spectacular sunrise.

Here’s some of my favourites…

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Swanage_March16-004 Swanage_March16-001 Swanage_March16-002 Swanage_March16-006 Swanage_March16-010 Swanage_March16-009 Swanage_March16-012-Edit Swanage_March16-015 Swanage_March16-017 Swanage_March16-014 Swanage_March16-008