‘The Case Against Good Enough’..

That was the title of an interesting piece that caught my eye earlier in the week. It was mainly advocating the need for Wedding albums as well as just digital. You can read the full article here.

But it got me thinking that the same applies to all forms of physical products and for your family portraits as well, not just for weddings. Therefore I wanted to take the concept further and put my own spin on it.

Central to this debate is the dilemma most photographers face – for short term business reasons just give everyone what they think they want or go the extra mile and help the client realise the maximum potential and longevity of their favourite and most important photographs?

We all love scrolling through lots of digital images, whether they be on social media or in folders on our phones or iPads. But most of the time that’s all we’re doing, flicking through. Why? because that’s what our thumbs have become trained to do…and it’s convenient. That’s great for the every day photos, but for the most important memories are we REALLY studying them or are we just scanning and very quickly ‘consuming’ them before our attention wanes and they are consigned to cyber space or a dodgy hard drive? And what happens when technology moves on or files get corrupted or lost?

Is what’s good enough for now really the best way of storing, displaying, enjoying and preserving those most important images & memories, certainly for the longer term but also in the short term too?

I truly believe that an image doesn’t become a photograph until it’s printed. A photograph isn’t reliant on technology; rather it’s something that you can touch, feel, display and fully immerse yourself in. As a professional photographer I see this as an essential service – to help you realise the full potential of your favourite images by going beyond just digital and designing them into tangible items that can be displayed and enjoyed at their very best.

All my developing & editing software is 100% calibrated with those labs to ensure that the colours, tones and exposures in each and every image are perfectly reproduced in printed form. And by providing products that are crafted from the highest quality materials I ensure that your photographs are preserved at their very best so that your future generations can enjoy that same immersive experience in a 100 years from now.

And that’s why all my wedding photography, for every client, automatically includes a 14″, 40 page fully bespoke album. The same principle applies to Family Lifestyle Portraits – every client receives 2 mounted prints and a £75 contribution towards wall art as part of the commission fee.

For further details on the products that we offer please click on through here.

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