Brother’s emotion as he prepares to give his sister away // Why I LOVE this photo

In today’s ‘Why I LOVE This Photo’ I look back on the image below, captured during the last wedding that I photographed before we went into lockdown here in the UK, that of Kaitlin and Matt – another stunning Elvetham Hotel wedding (see the blog here featuring more photos from across their wedding day).

Although I’ve photographed many weddings at The Elvetham, I’ve only just started to be able to capture such an image at this stage of proceedings – i.e. the bride waiting at the end of the corridor leading down to the ceremony room (the ‘Oak Room’), ready to be walked down the aisle. With my new (ish) Sony mirrorless cameras, I’m now able to hold them high above my head, capturing an image whilst looking through the electronic view finder panel on the back of the camera with it tilted down towards me.

To be giving his sister Kaitlin away was always going to be a huge moment for Charlie and when the time came I sensed emotions were about to get the better of him (understandably!). With that in mind, and having positioned myself at the end of the aisle, I was able to hold the camera up above the waiting guests in order to give me a clear view down to the two of them. Thankfully I was therefore able to capture this absolutely timeless, beautiful moment as Charlie wiped away a tear whilst Kaitlin waited patiently, no doubt full of her own emotions. What I also love about it is that it is a moment that only the handful of guests were able to witness – everyone else in the room, including the groom Matt, wouldn’t have been able to see it at all. To add to that the little pool of light is just gorgeous!

To me it’s a powerful story-telling image in it’s own right. But what makes it even more powerful is the sequence that then follows (see below). With Kaitlin’s reassurance Charlie’s little ‘wobble’ quickly turns into a smile. Then, as they walk down the aisle, both smiling away, it is Matt, our groom, that starts to have a moment of his own! Who says it’s always the ladies that show all the emotions!!

 I hope you enjoy looking at these photographs. Thanks for stopping by.

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