With all my Family Lifestyle photo shoots it’s about creating and capturing memories. When a client makes a booking one of the first things we’ll do is discuss the location. Quite often they will opt for one of the locations that I use regularly in and around North Hampshire, such as the grounds of Tylney Hall Hotel. But to really add to the memories I’ll suggest to the client that we conduct the shoot at their home or another location that they all love spending time at…

So for our good friends, Alan, Emma & Lucy the choice of location was very straight forward. Every year, towards the end of October, they love spending a weekend in one of the beach huts down on Mudeford Spit. Their corner of heaven you might say. Happily for me it also has a similar place in my family’s hearts too. Therefore when they asked me to capture some lovely memories for them during their most recent stay I leapt at the chance.

The only snag with late October of course is the weather. But then you could say the same about any time of year! And so it proved…..we started in fairly good light but with a very wary eye pointed towards the thickening clouds to the west and the lifeguard flags blowing furiously to the east we knew we didn’t have long. And so it proved – within a very short space of time we made a hasty retreat into the beach hut as an almighty storm came over and made it’s presence very forcefully felt. Still, it was a good excuse to enjoy some hot chocolate followed by the odd glass of wine and can of cider (for those not operating the camera and over 18 years old, that is!).

But as so often the case the storm was followed by a return to lovely calm conditions and, coming towards the end of the day, the most beautiful light and sunset. All good things come to those who wait, you could say.

Here are some of their photographs. If you are interested in having a similar set of family memories captured then please do get in touch.

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